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About McQueen's

McQueen’s Education is formed with the aim of providing students with access to high quality, inspirational, flexible and affordable education across the globe. Adopting a multi-faceted approach to education and removing traditional geographical limits enables every learner to unlock their potential and achieve their aspirations.   Our flourishing partnerships with world-leading Universities are recognised for their outstanding success rates, superior education experience and excellent graduate employment destinations.  Working collaboratively provides learners with opportunities to gain a wide breadth of knowledge, skills and experiences required to meet the current demands of key global employers.


 McQueen’s Ideals & Values: We are a British institution with British values very much part of our heritage. This means that we value individual liberty and tolerance as key ideals while supporting the rule of law and the principles of democracy in all that we do.


 McQueen’s Staff: are fully qualified, well experienced in delivering to students with diverse backgrounds, and understanding of the challenges associated with transnational study.

We aim to be near you through the use of modern technology, and our online support is tailored to the needs of individual students. We have institutions and partners in my countries enabling face-to-face commitment-free discussion centred on you finding the right course, work placement, and crafting your career. This dimension makes us unique among education providers.


McQueen’s Placements: These are a very important part of what we do. We are active in providing excellent placements for our students and ex-students with top-class employers worldwide. Talk to one of our country directors if you would like details of these opportunities to gain the kind of experience which will give you a competitive edge in this era of ever-increasing globalisation. McQueen’s Education facilitates Exchange programme to the United State of America.


McQueen’s Projects: We are looking to explore and build credible relationships with other quality educational centres internationally. We currently have opportunities for university placements in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Again, talk to one our country directors if you would like details.

McQueens Education

McQueen's Mission

It is our belief that we must serve the needs of the individual, the enterprises and the communities from which our learners originate. Therefore the McQueen’s mission is:

    • To facilitate learners access to good-quality yet reasonably priced education
    • To create a learning environment which will support learners personal development and enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge and the appropriate skills, including interpersonal ones, which will lead to qualifications relevant to their future employment and career development
    • Through the success of the McQueen’s graduates, to help contribute to the well-being of the enterprises they work for and the economies they work within

We will achieve this by:

  • Valuing, and developing to the full, the contribution of our staff
  • Working closely with learners
  • Providing training and learning opportunities for learners and staff.

McQueen's Core Values

Our core values live at the very heart of our existence; we are proud of our achievements and look forward to future ambitions and projects:


Learning lies at the heart of McQueen’s. Thus, we are always keen to learn and develop ourselves and our partners. We aim to embrace the best and most innovative practices in education management and delivery and to share these with all who require our services.


Every learner is a unique individual with unique aspirations and needs. We treat each learner in line with this, helping him/her to develop and progress by providing bespoke solutions and support.


We are proud of our achievements, and look forward to future ambitions and projects. We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work, providing our stakeholders and affiliates with professionalism and confidence.

Higher Education Services


McQueen’s Education has developed partnerships with a number of UK universities to offer their undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in a number of international locations.

Due to the strong desire of international learners to acquire high-value UK qualifications, McQueen’s has focused on ‘trans-nationalisation’ of such courses. McQueen’s international partners and its own offices now offer UK qualifications at local destinations, providing the opportunity for learners, either to acquire a full UK university award in their own country, or to divide their programme between the various McQueen’s locations.

This means that a learner wanting a two-year postgraduate qualification has the opportunity to study at different locations during those two years. For example, completing the 1st semester in Dubai, 2nd in Turkey, 3rd in the UK, and so on! learners can select any country of their choice from our portfolio of destinations. McQueen’s staff will assist you in making the necessary arrangements for your trans-national education journey.

Under this division we have many colleges and institutions operating in Europe, South Asia and Far East and we are in process of opening new colleges in different locations around the world. We offer:

Vocational Courses

Executive Development Courses

Professional Courses

Culinary Institute

Undergraduate Degree Programmes

English Language Courses

Foundation Courses

Postgraduate Degree Programmes

Blended Learning Delivery



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