Advance Certificate in Patisserie (1007-03)

Advance Certificate in Patisserie



1 Month – Internship

Course Overview:

This course consists of intense around 120 hours of theory and practical sessions. You will be trained in Patisserie skills through a range of international cuisines.

Intended for:

This unique professional course is for you if:

1. If you are passionate about starting your own food business whether it is coffee shop, fast food, bakery or catering etc.

2. You aspire to work in a professional kitchen and pursue a career as a professional  patisserie chef because you have an exceptional and natural talent. This course will accelerate your success.

3. You want to become a Media Personality as TV Celebrity Chef.

Career Benefits

How will you be assessed?

You will be observed and assessed with timed practical exams, written assignments and short answer question packs to test your knowledge.

Study Hours

7 hours per week

Entry Requirements

  • General Entry Requirements
    • You should be minimum 18 years of age (for residents of UAE)
    • Should have passed year 12 or equivalent
    • Demonstration of the passion and aptitude for culinary arts
    • Ability to read, write and speak English (International Students must obtain minimum: CEFR B1)
    • You should be talented, energetic, creative, versatile and service oriented
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Excellent health
    • Willing to handle meat and fish products
    • Successfully Complete an interview

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