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McQueen’s Education since 2012 has brought an innovative approach to delivering an inspirational range of courses suited to the individuals career goals. McQueen’s has kept pace with the demands of the industry and focuses on training students to match requirements of the job market. Innovative courses for aspirational students!

We aim to train students to become highly qualified professionals in design, marketing, management and styling. At the same time, we maintain close contacts with fashion and design businesses globally.

A wide range of courses are on offer, professional and innovative programmes that provide students with the training and experience necessary to pursue careers in the fashion and design industries. Imagine beyond boundaries!

Accademia del Lusso since 2005 has met the professional demands of the job market and the aspirations of individuals with a talent in fashion.

The unique partnership between McQueen’s Education and Academia del Lusso offers students the opportunities to benefit from the Italian design philosophy in British settings. The course offers opportunities to students to learn skills and techniques required in today’s competitive fashion and design world.

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What is Mcqueens ?

McQueen’s Education, established in 2012 with the objective of making higher education widely accessible to aspiring individuals wishing to progress their studies at a University, or wanting to upskill their qualifications. A wide range of courses with flexiable start dates, cost effective tuition fee, and time effective delivery methods are the key objectives behind McQueen’s offer.

We offer fast-track pathways to reach the final year of the degree as well as full degree programmes with partner institutions. McQueen’s philosophy is to provide cost and time effective solutions to learners in securing their degree awards through the use of digital delivery.


Italian school for Luxury Management, Fashion & Design

Accademia del Lusso is the Italian School of Fashion & Design that provides professional preparation for individuals from across the globe who want to acquire the expert knowledge and skills that will allow them to enter the job market in the fashion & design industries as experienced and competent professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transmit Italian style and fashion knowledge immersed in an international and multicultural context, in order to open up new horizons for students where fashion is a blend of tradition and innovation.

Our courses convey to students aesthetic sensibility, style, attention to detail and creative genius. This captures what is meant by the logo Made in Italy.

What Are Classes Timings?



Career Prospects of Masters in Fashion Brand Management

Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Licensing Manager, Sales Manager, Retail Manager, Buyer.


The Master’s Course in Fashion Brand Management shapes a professional who deals with planning and activating the strategic and operational interventions that are necessary for the development and positioning of brands in the fashion and luxury sectors. The course aims to lead students into becoming well-rounded experts with transferable skills, who function as the joining link capable of coordinating creativity with business objectives, interpreting market dynamics, and valorising brands within the fashion and luxury sectors through well-targeted operations.

Career Prospects of Masters in Fashion Collection Management

Product Manager, Collection Manager, Fashion Coordinator, Fashion Buyer, Research Consultant, Production Technician.


The study programme of the Master in Fashion Collection Management aims to shape a professional who is able to penetrate the product area of fashion and luxury goods businesses. The course curriculum teaches a general understanding of a range of businesses aspects as well as specific technical knowledge in the field of fashion industrial production, such as understanding patterns and fabric, and yarn technology. It also provides the skills needed to work on the product in harmony with market demands.

The dynamics analysed during the course late in general to the luxury goods sector, and significantly to the fashion sector in consideration of the specific nature of the product processes related to it.

Career Prospects of Bachelor in Fashion Design

Fashion Designer, Fashion Graphic Designer, Fashion Graphic

Illustrator, Fashion Co-ordinator, Assistant Designer, Product Manager,

Trend Researcher, Fashion Consultant, Pattern Maker, CAD Operator,

Dress Maker/Tailor, Dress Making Technician, Quality Control, Product Development.

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