General Medicine & Dentistry

McQueen’s Education has developed an innovative approach to delivering an inspirational range of courses suited to the individuals career goals. McQueen’s has kept pace with the demands of the industry and focuses on training students to match requirements of the job market. Innovative courses for aspirational students!

We aim to train students to become highly qualified professionals in their chosen profession. At the same time, we maintain close contacts with the industry. A wide range of courses are on offer, professional and innovative programmes that provide students with the training and experience necessary to pursue careers in the medicine related fields. We are extremely privileged and excited to work with CEPU International that allow us to offer high quality degree programmes in general medicine and dentistry. Our unique partnership ensures each student is provided with Internationally recognised qualifications, allowing students to practice as a dentist or doctor in any EU country. This means our graduates are competitive in an International market.

Courses on offer

General Medicine Programme

Dentistry Programme

Key Features of our partnership

McQueen’s have an organisational and training system which adheres to the European Standard;

  • Learning groups are small, ensuring high quality individual learning.
  • After the completion of three learning session all students take an achievement test. This enables the Professor to organise remedial support classes if required.
  • Study programmes include the practical application of relevant principles from Year 1.
  • The academic year is organised to provide every student with continuous and consistent supervision and support. We can almost guarantee every student will make progress with excellent results in a timely manner.
  • By attending an Internal course in English, students are provided with opportunities to form links with colleagues from all over the world. This allows students to develop their professional, social and cultural horizons.
  • Two weeks of summer internship are included at the end of the academic year.



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